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He is the man in the shadow, to whom you can ask a job at the last moment, the one you need when something is missing, whom you can call for emergencies. He is a self-made-man, but he doesn’t boast; on the opposite, he sees himself as a humble worker, and he loves to work behind the scenes, never under the limelights. He thinks that’s all right. He leads a retired life, but he’s fine with it: it’s what he likes about his work. As Luigi Pirandello wrote: " Men treat even themselves as a material, and they build themselves, yessir, like a house. [...] We can know only the things we can shape [...] there is no other reality out of this, if not in the momentary form that we can give to ourselves, to others, to the things [...]; and for myself I have no other reality if not in the form I can give to myself. And how is it? But well, building myself, exactly".

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