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Valeria Zanini says about herself: "In my name lays my true essence: strong, vigorous, active, easily bored." This is why she always tries to do different things, unable to adapt to the daily routine, with an anxiety that always pushes her elsewhere: a perennial escape from responsibility and, sometimes, from herself. Art and creativity, which she considers the engine and the energy for her very life, are part of her DNA. "Thief of emotions", but capable, above all, to donate. Her career ranged through various artistic and creative disciplines: window dresser, stand fitting for tradeshows and local graphic for various agencies, freelance styling for photo shoots, stagecraft (at Studio Production Designer Cheli in Milan). She lived in Milan for ten years, where she came to attend the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Scenography. For nearly two decades she has been dealing with decorative painting (from furnishing to studio), the realization of ornaments for interiors and exteriors (classic and modern), the realization of trompe-l'oeil and recovery of ancient decorations. She led decoration classes on furniture and objects, flush / game in kindergartens; paths and emotional painting mandalas with the technique of drawing dream; creative workshops directed to adults, children and adolescents, art and psychodrama, in collaboration with the psychologist and psychodramatist Antinea Pezzè. She went back to paint on canvas two years ago, after her father’s death, producing 24 paintings, all large, in less than two months, with a common thread: "THE STARE"; monochrome paintings of stares caught on unknown people and in those around her, trying to grasp the emotions and "communications", by transferring not only on the canvas, but directly in the eyes of the beholder, "Thou shalt stare at me with my own eyes and I will look at you with yours ". After a few months " BLACK SOUL " is born, 21 paintings (made in less than a month) transitioning from shades of gray to color. She always paints only at night: each painting is born spontaneously, from images that she finds and that inspire her, that she cuts and turns: colors are mixed on the canvas and everything comes to life spontaneously, to the point that some of the painting seem self-born. Her first solo exhibition is "THE STARE", opened in March 2014 at Palazzo Francesconi (Provaglio d'Iseo), where she put together the written word to the paintings, poems, quotes and song lyrics about “the look” theme. Following the collectives: - "FOLLOWING ARIANNA’S WIRE", traveling exhibition in the province of Varese, which has now landed in Provaglio and will move to the province of Brescia throughout 2015, carrying the issues of violence against women and women’s rebirth; - " CIRCUMNAVIGARTE VILLAGE " at Villa Brunati, in Desenzano del Garda - Collective in Cazzago S. Martino. In September 2014 realizes the second solo in "ART IN TOWER", Pisogne, again with "THE STARE". In March 2015 she inaugurated the solo " BLACK SOUL " at the Literary Cafe Closeup in Brescia. In April 2015 "THE STARE", will be in the Baptistery of the Monastery of St. Peter in Lamosa in Provaglio d'Iseo. In November 2015 " BLACK SOUL " will be in ART IN TOWER, again in Pisogne Her contacts: Facebook profile: Valeria Zanini - https://www.facebook.com/valeria.zanini.12 Facebook page: VALERIA E '- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Valeria-%C3%A8/694945440571972 Cell .: 3395900543 e-mail: vale.zanini@hotmail.it

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