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Ada Natale was born in Naples in August 1980. She graduated in Philosophy, but decided not to be a philosopher, at least formally. She is a freelance illustrator and has worked with several publishing houses as an editor, too. She loves writing, drawing, playing all the instruments that she can buy, but most of all she loves reading. She also likes to travel, when she has the money to do it. And she’d certainly have more, if she didn’t spend it all in books. She is the author of “piccole storie impossibili”(“small impossible stories”), a dreamlike mix of illustration and writing, you may want to look for on Facebook, so that if you are relatives of a famous publisher maybe you could recommend her. As you read her short biography, she is working on illustrations for a future book to be published by a major and almost unspeakable publishing house, and she still cannot believe it. When she behaves and is responsible, she is a clinical educator at her studio. When she is a bit less well behaving and a little less responsible, she is climbing on the scaffolding as an interior designer at the art studio Ludius (www.ludius.it) or drawing her stories. She is a graphomaniac, but in person not much of a talker. She is suspicious and smiling. She doesn’t litter, and if she does, she cleans after herself, but just not to leave too obvious traces. You never know.

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