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Alessandro Pedretta is a slave to the Pyramids, a suicidal writer, an author, and an editor. In 2012 he founded the Nucleo Negazioni (Denial Kernel) writers’ Union, and had their works issued by several publishing houses, always and strictly not belonging to the Vanity press category. He was also the founder and the executive director of Negazioni (Denials) fanzine. Then he left the Union. His works were selected for a number of unbearable poetry and prose anthologies. As a single author he published some books, such as the “Non chiedetemi il significato” (“Don’t Ask Me the Meaning”) poetry collection (Edizioni La Gru, 2014), and “Golgota souvenir – apostrofi dal caos” (“Mementoes from Golgotha – Apostrofes from Chaos”), an experimental/psychotropic novel (Golena Edizioni, 2014). He is a regular contributor to some online literary entities and believes in apocalyptic heart diseases. He also believes in old ruined buildings, whose crumbled walls create hypnotic garlands of wreckage.