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Katia Salviato

A passionate reader from an early age, she always wanted to write a book. Meanwhile, as long as the Muse of Inspiration is pleased to inspire other pens, she is training for the pose “I’m pondering about the infinite with my hand under my chin” on back covers, and for signing autographs on outdated checks. Of all aphorisms about reading, her favorite is “Those who do not read, when 70 will have lived one life: their own. Readers will have lived 5,000 years: there they were, when Cain slew Abel, when Renzo married Lucia, when Leopardi admired the infinite ...” (Umberto Eco). Travelling, with the mind or any means that might take her elsewhere - sometimes only a few kilometers from home, but also, why not ?, poles apart - is one of the activities she loves most. She would describe herself, in two words, as a curious dreamer.