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Sergio Volterrani

Born and raised in Brescia, worked as a computer scientist for major companies in the sector. Now retired, he moved to Torbole Casaglia, where he lives with his wife Gabriella. In his spare time he has been involved in amateur theater as an actor, joining different companies: “G.A.V”. 1975/80, “I Senzavergogna” 1984/86, “La Vela” 1992/94. He has participated in various theater workshops, respectively conducted by Vittorio Pedrali, Giangiacomo Colli, Maddalena Ischiale. He studied phonetics and diction with Patrizia Volpe. In 1996 he contributed to the formation of a youth amateur theater company, for which, as the author/playwright and director, he wrote and directed the musical " Senzanome News" (Nameless News, 1997), the comedies "Pensione Miralago" (Hotel Miralago ,1998) and "Obalon" (1999) and the recital "Francesco 2000" (2000). He shares with his wife the passion for choral singing: both are part of a Choir engaged in charity works and benefit concerts. He was a student of Heiko Caimi during the Creative Writing workshops (2012).