Alfredo Rienzi – One goes back where one has already been

I went back to exploring life
– wrapped in the leopard’s golden mantle –
the perfect ring, the cycle of everything:
a lot has changed after the swell of tears
yet, I still have in me both pearl and rock,
in my step the fiber beating to the leap
and the word that, once spoken, melts away.

One goes back where one’s already been.
Infinite are the places, the days,
now, are thinned out clusters.
It’s an unpredicted gift finding again the footstep
that of those who accompanied us is trail
of wing between snow and stone.
You say to me: the mountain has grown higher:
while I know it’s I the one who’s grown smaller.

Translation by Angela D’Ambra

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Alfredo Rienzi
Alfredo Rienzi (Venosa, 1959), lives in Turin since 1963. Physician. In 1993 he published “Contemplando segni”, a poetic collection that won the X Montale Prize, in “Sette poeti del Premio Montale”, (Scheiwiller); the following volumes “Oltrelinee” (Dell’Orso, 1994), “Simmetrie” (Joker, 2000, preface) and “Custodi ed invasori” (Mimesis-Hebenon, 2005) were partly merged into “La parola postuma, antologia e inediti” (Puntoacapo, 2011; Premio Fiera dell’Editoria di Poesia). In 2015 he published “Notizie dal 72° parallel” (Joker Ed.); in 2019 he published “Partenze e promesse. Presagi” (Puntoacapo Ed.).. His poems also appeared in the main national literary magazines, and in dozens of anthological collections and collective volumes. He partook in the translation of “OEvre poétique” by L. S. Senghor, in “Nuit d’Afrique ma nuit noire - Notte d’Africa mia notte near”, Harmattan Italy, Turin-Paris, 2004. As an essayist he has published “Del qui e dell’altrove nella poesia italiana moderna e contemporanea”, Dell'Orso, 2011. Since 2020, he edits the blog dedicated to poetry “Di sesta e di settima grandezza – Avvistamenti di poesia”.