Alfredo Rienzi – Verbs surrender, omens do not say

Verbs surrender, omens do not say

These lines, they say
of nothing that happens,
they do not portray facts.
A few rare fossil verbs endure:
It stands, it waits, it spreads.

This the elated surface wants:
to excessive talk, to the spiders’ bite
opposing of sandy shores’ silences
the gasping of jellyfish.

Below, inside, we distrust dawns:
we need night, once more,
of root and seed
we need dark, inside,
its dying crowds.

Here, on the surface, verbs surrender

omens do not say.

Translation by Angela D’Ambra

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Alfredo Rienzi
Alfredo Rienzi (Venosa, 1959), lives in Turin since 1963. Physician. In 1993 he published “Contemplando segni”, a poetic collection that won the X Montale Prize, in “Sette poeti del Premio Montale”, (Scheiwiller); the following volumes “Oltrelinee” (Dell’Orso, 1994), “Simmetrie” (Joker, 2000, preface) and “Custodi ed invasori” (Mimesis-Hebenon, 2005) were partly merged into “La parola postuma, antologia e inediti” (Puntoacapo, 2011; Premio Fiera dell’Editoria di Poesia). In 2015 he published “Notizie dal 72° parallel” (Joker Ed.); in 2019 he published “Partenze e promesse. Presagi” (Puntoacapo Ed.).. His poems also appeared in the main national literary magazines, and in dozens of anthological collections and collective volumes. He partook in the translation of “OEvre poétique” by L. S. Senghor, in “Nuit d’Afrique ma nuit noire - Notte d’Africa mia notte near”, Harmattan Italy, Turin-Paris, 2004. As an essayist he has published “Del qui e dell’altrove nella poesia italiana moderna e contemporanea”, Dell'Orso, 2011. Since 2020, he edits the blog dedicated to poetry “Di sesta e di settima grandezza – Avvistamenti di poesia”.