Raphael d’Abdon


Dr Raphael d’Abdon was born in Udine (Italy) and lives in Pretoria (South Africa). He is a writer, scholar, spoken word poet, editor and translator, and the author of three collections of poems, sunnyside nightwalk (2013), salt water (2016) and the bitter herb (2018). He has read his poetry in South Africa, Nigeria, Somaliland, India, Italy, Sweden and the USA, and his poems are published in journals, magazines and anthologies in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Singapore, Palestine, India, Italy, Canada, USA, Australia and the UK. He is South Africa’s representative of AHN (Africa Haiku Network), and the poetry editor of the literary magazine BKO. A bilingual (English/Italian) volume of his selected poems (2010-2020) will be published by Besa in 2021.