Raphael d’Abdon – the kubrick connection

(based on actual events)

   1.   eyes wide shut

the first time i watched it
it was christmas eve

   2.   the shining

part 1

the first time i watched it
i was 12

years later
on a winter day
i watched it again

the final shot –
zooms in on an
“overlook hotel
july 4th ball

the winter day
was july 4th

part 2

i planned to read the catcher in the rye
the day i saw the shining for the first time

wendy’s reading it
when maddening jack phones her
from the overlook hotel

years ago
i went to my favourite park
and brought a copy with me

i sat
near the fishpond
fed the goldfishes
had a smoke
and started reading it

on page 1 the protagonist
is reading a collection of short stories titled
the secret goldfish

later at home
i bumped into the movie
the killing of john lennon

in the first scene
the maddening protagonist goes to a library
and picks up a book from the shelves

the catcher in the rye

“the phony must die, says the catcher in the rye!”
“the phony must die, says the catcher in the rye!”

   3.   2001: a space odyssey

my birthday is january 12

hal, the maddening computer,
was born on january 12, 1992

the day i turned 18

   4.   to be continued

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Raphael d'Abdon
Dr Raphael d’Abdon was born in Udine (Italy) and lives in Pretoria (South Africa). He is a writer, scholar, spoken word poet, editor and translator, and the author of three collections of poems, “sunnyside nightwalk” (2013), “salt water” (2016) and “the bitter herb” (2018). He has read his poetry in South Africa, Nigeria, Somaliland, India, Italy, Sweden and the USA, and his poems are published in journals, magazines and anthologies in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Singapore, Palestine, India, Italy, Canada, USA, Australia and the UK. He is South Africa’s representative of AHN (Africa Haiku Network), and the poetry editor of the literary magazine “BKO”. A bilingual (English/Italian) volume of his selected poems (2010-2020) will be published by Besa in 2021.