Riccardo Duranti – Another Dream

In this one you stand
not quite against
an ancient, slanted mulberry tree in the languid attitude
of a Saint Sebastian
half armoured by your own hair hands behind your back
tied only in your mind

the arrows – nowhere to be seen – have not –
nor ever shall –drawn blood from you or marred in any way that tender flesh – the sensuous neck
the helpless collarbone the sensitive nipple the tempting hip
the soft thighs…

under a powerful spell this old archer is the one
who’s being pierced through again and again
and if you would just open your eyes you’d see him bleeding
his brittle and worn-out soul away all over the soft weeds
and the hard stones under your feet…

from Meditamondo (Coazinzola Press, 2013)
Translation by Riccardo Duranti

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Riccardo Duranti
Riccardo Duranti has taught English Literature and Translation at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. In 1996 he received the Italian National Award for translation and in 2014 the Catullo prize for translation of poetry. He has translated all of Raymond Carver’s works and authors as John Berger, Philip K. Dick, Cormac McCarthy, Michael Ondaatje, Nathanael West, Richard Brautigan, Caryl Churchill, Elizabeth Bishop, Henry David Thoreau, Edward Bond e Kate Tempest. His poetry books include: "Bivio di voce" (Empirìa, 1987), "The Archer’s Paradox" (The Many Press, 1993), "L’affettuosa fantasia" (Aracne, 1998), "Made in Mompeo, haiku e immagini" (with Rino Bianchi, Corbu, 2007) and "Meditamondo" (Coazinzola Press, 2013). In 2015 his first book of short stories came out: "L’orsacchiotto Carver e altri segreti" (Ianieri). He lives in the Sabine Mountains where he manages an olive grove.