Tom Phillips


Tom Phillips was born in Buckinghamshire in 1964. He is a freelance writer and guest lecturer at various British and Balkan universities. He has lived in Bristol, UK, since 1986, but since the 2000s he has often travelled to the Balkan peninsula and much of his literary and research interests are focused on the region. He has been published in many magazines, anthologies and pamphlets and he has published three books of poetry in UK: Recreation Ground (Two Rivers Press, 2012), Reversing into the Cold War (Firewater/Poetry Monthly, 2007) and Burning Omaha (Firewater, 2003) and one bilingual books of poetry in Bulgaria: Unknown Translations / Непознати преводи (Scalino, 2016).
He is the author of a number of plays, of which Coastal Defences (Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol, 2014) and 100 Miles North of Timbuktu (Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol, 2013) have enjoyed the greatest theatrical success.