Valentina Meloni – As if it were an endless autumn

As if it were an endless autumn
silently one by one they leave
and buds already appear on branches
airy pollens are floating in flight

but the invisible leaves of March
in suspended breaths ‒ without time ‒
yield to the breeze their soul, their voice
as they are unravel lonely in a chant.

(March 28, 2020)

To Marisa Provenzano, Mario Benedetti and the friends who left us

Thanks to Alexander Shurbanov for the revision of the English version of the poem.
And thanks to Emilia Mirazchiyska

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Valentina Meloni
Valentina Meloni was born in Rome in 1976. She has been writing poetry, essays, aphorisms and short stories for several years. She has published five books of poetry, one of short stories and two books of illustrated fairy tales. Valentina has also issued several numbered chap-books. Her texts have been translated into English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Bulgarian and Spanish. Her work has appeared in international blogs, journals and dailies. She is a Voice Ambassador for Poetry Sound Library. Valentina writes for literary and cultural magazines and for her eco-poetry and deep ecology blogs. Contact Valentina Meloni at