Stephen Byrne – A Father Calls to his Child on Liveleak


                                    In memoriam 513 Children Gaza 2014

Wake up child wake up
cries the father to his child
beneath the torn & tattered building
within the dust & shattered stone
Just above his bloodied waistline
to his chest he holds his child
to his breast he finds are pieces
of a heart & of a mind 

Wake up child wake up
two three four they blow again
in the background loud explosions
but the father holds the hand
of the child he tries to wake
for the doll within his hand
see the doll I got you son
see the doll I got you son

now wake up child wake up
but his child lays stone cold dead
in his arms he cannot see
the back of the head that is not there
& the night will fall in screaming
& the dawn will snap in two
& the bombs will keep on feasting
wake up child wake up

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Stephen Byrne
Stephen Byrne is a chef and writer originally from Dublin and now lives in Chicago. His debut book 'Somewhere but not Here' was selected by Vinita Agrawal for the RL Poetry Award, 2016 International category. He was runner up in the 2016 and twice shortlisted for the ‘Over the Edge’ poetry competition. He was also shortlisted for The Redline Book Festival Poetry Competition 2014 and recently selected for the TCK Productions competition in London He has been published worldwide and writes on his site