Linda Molin – Indaco Ridens

I begin my review quoting the author of this funny but introspective book:

Indaco Ridens is a half-serious book about the awakening of conscience.
It doesn’t placate your mind’s desire for knowledge.
The style is poetical-hermetic-crazy, and argumentative at times.
If you’re diabetic, leave it be: the sweet heart and the hugs may be too sweet for you to take. If you’re irascible, just put it down: some pages might make you want to throw it down the stairs. If you’re looking for enlightenment, this is the wrong book for you. If you like the New Age, if you hope to find stories about brainless aliens and corrupted deities, or if you are the world’s biggest fan of esotericism, put it down: you won’t hear the sound of celestial bells but rather that of powerful and coarse trumpets.
This is a book for You, who keep thinking you are worthless while you are everything.
For You, looking for a way to remember who you Are, while you’re having fun.

In the sea of new authors and “awakening” books, Indaco Ridens is fresh air.
The author opens up to the readers, sharing joyful and painful experiences, building a strong rapport with them, and skillfully and charmingly introducing topics such as Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), the blood type diet, love, pregnancy, meta-medicine (mind-body medicine), radiestesia, law of attraction, reiki, and much more.
Linda Molin uncovers herself (like the cover photo suggests) and, somehow, she forces readers to do the same, challenging them and singling them out, touching their inner parts that need to be listen to, observed, loved and, eventually, healed.
Yet the funny and provocative style of the book can’t hide Linda Molin’s tenderness and sweetness that touch the readers’ hearts, showing understanding (because she’s been through it too) and helping them look inside their hearts like they’ve never done before, thus helping them getting closer to true healing and joie de vivre.
If you feel it’s your time to listen to yourself, heal, and LIVE, you can’t miss this jewel.