Merlin – A TV series

The Arthurian legend has been charming many since forever: in the 12th Century, Geoffrey of Monmouth, with his Historia Regum Britanniae made King Arthur popular “worldwide”, and literature, films and TV series on the Merlin and King Arthurs’s myth are uncountable. I believe behind every legend there is always some truth, and I like to think that these two characters really existed and together created great things.

The Merlin TV series considerably revolutionizes the already discrepant accounts about this legend, but this is something that we can (and must) forgive, not just because it’s indeed a legend, but also because the show is very fascinating.

Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, and Guinevere (but even minor characters) are convincing both as characters and actors, and the setting and special effects are worthy of Hollywood.

In this TV series, Merlin and Arthur are of the same age, two young men whose destinies intertwine to achieve the greatest of all missions: creating a kingdom where magic is accepted and only used for good and justice; a kingdom that only Arthur, merciful, understanding and brave, can build and run.

The show has five seasons which improve with time: each character grows and develops all-round: Merlin, a young, insecure man with a talent he can’t control, grows into the wisest and most powerful sorcerer the world’s ever seen; Arthur, that we initially know as a young prince dominated by his father Uther, episode by episode develops into a sovereign that we all would love to run our Countries; the servant Guinevere (yes, in this series Guinevere is Morgana’s servant) blossoms into a brave woman, worthy of being queen; and Morgana – performed by the beautiful and talented Katie McGrath –from a sweet and honest woman turns into the most evil of all witches.

There are also many funny moments (typical of British humour) that, alternating to the dramatic ones, create the perfect balance in every story.
Strongly recommended if you love period dramas and mythology, but even if you just enjoy a good TV series.