Post-vacation reading suggestions

After an energising summer break, usually students and workers return to work full of energy but at the same time a little bit lazy because their mind is still on holiday.
In order to start the new “academic year” at best, I’ve decided to suggest a few books that I found interesting and useful both for the mind-body wellbeing and the personal and professional development.

Alessandro D’Avenia
L’arte di essere fragili [The art of being fragile] English edition not available

Now a well-deserving bestseller, this book – written from the heart by a teacher who’s able to inspire and get the best out of his students – is a must both for teenagers and parents (and teachers!), because it gives the first the opportunity to learn and to open up to life, to be themselves and know their potential; and the latter the opportunity to remember when they were the teenagers and to recover pieces of themselves long repressed or dormant – hence finding an opportunity of rebirth, of true self-understanding and to truly know their children (or students).

Daniel Tarozzi
Io faccio così [That’s what I do] English edition not available

From the back cover: “Despite recession, politics, taxes… there’s an Italy that fights back, does not give up, goes on and believes in the future. Daniel Tarozzi has decided to get on a motorhome to visit and tell about this Italy – the book keeps its word and gives comfort and inspiration to those who are disheartened or worn out by a job and a life that don’t belong to them anymore; it’s a book for those who want to open a new chapter or simply read some “real fairy tales”. Changing things is possible, and this book proves it.

Claudia Rainville
Guarire le ferite del passato [Healing your past wounds] English edition not available

From the author of “Metamedicine: each symptom is a  message”, this is a very enlightening and insightful book, full of examples that will help you get in touch with yourself and to heal your past wounds that are still affecting all areas of your life. Getting to the bottom of things will open a new world of possibilities and strength that you never imagined possible, delivering benefits and measurable results in your relationship, work, etc.