Vega Roze – What a witch knows


“So I’ve decided to share with You, who are reading this precious gift: Eva’s feelings and mine blend together, creating a work that speaks for every free Being. I wish to clarify what a witch is to me: she’s a free being who listens to herself and lives her life experience as an opportunity to know herself and the world. A timeless creature who listens to the spirits of nature, and finds the essence of all things laying in her heart.”

Historically, the word “witch” has always carried a negative meaning: witches —or, to be precise, wise, independent, and thinking-out-of-the-box women — have been hunted for centuries as “servants of the Devil”; today, in the common language, the word is often used to define an unpleasant and “evil” woman. Stories about witches also abound in cinema, TV, and literature, like La Chimera by Sebastiano Vassalli (recently deceased), a superb novel about a stunning girl named Antonia, who, because of her great beauty and her progressive and free spirit, is accused of witchery, suffering all the ugly consequences (the books is set in the year 1600 in the Italian area of Novara). But the true essence of a witch has nothing to do with superstition, as this sweet book by Vega Roze shows, sharing the poetry of Eva, a witch from the early ‘900: a witch is connected to Mother Earth and to the natural and divine laws, she’s responsible of her destiny and creates her own reality with humility, never expecting a thing from the external world.

If you’re already doing a work on yourself, many of the book’s content will resonate at once; others instead might feel some resistance, because our mind doesn’t want to let go of its certainties and beliefs. But, if you surrender, just for a moment, to the magic of this book, you’ll experience the opening of your heart and a lightness of the spirit you won’t ever want to let go. If, you too, use this precious book like a diary, reading it slowly, one page at a time, reflecting about it for as long as you need and, above all, getting deeply in touch with your emotions and your higher Self, you’ll have the chance to break your limits and what blocks you from true self-realization and living a FULFILLING life.

“Believing is the first rule, in what you feel, what you are, knowing to be all things and certain to know all the answers, because every questions has its own answer, but no question can have all the answers in one. When you try to communicate with yourself, your higher self, you will reach the spark of consciousness that connects everything and speaks to everyone.”

The author, whom I’ve had the chance to meet, was born to write, and her love, joy, and enthusiasm for life recalls those of a child, a child who “carries” a thousand-year old wise soul. If you read Vega Roze’s book, hear her talk, and see how she treats others with sweetness and devotion, you will experience how contagious she is and you’ll feel your inner child again, kicking to come back to life through you.

Reading this book and using it as a tool for self-listening, draw us closer to the healing of our soul.

“Ask yourself whether your job, the people around you, and your relationship make your voice clear or veiled; according to the answer, adjust your life. You just have to listen.”