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Sara Sagrati: her genes are 100% from Marche, but for a twist of fate she was born (in 1973) and grew up in Brianza. Even as a child, she was passionate about cinema and when was 11 years old she exclaimed to a professor: “I want to be a film critic.” She tries desperately but times are tough and, as Morando Morandini teaches, she does everything, from the office worker to the web content, in order to expand her knowledge and experience. But her first overpowering love is back and after courses on cinema, direction, screenwriting she began a long collaboration, still in progress, with many webzines (Hideout, UZAK, Nouvellevague, Filmforlife) and magazine (Nocturno, Zero).

With Hideout she takes part in the project Dispersi (Missing, unreleased films in Italy), promotes film festivals, organizes the festival Dispersival and is the editor of the book Dispersi. Guida ai film che non vi fanno vedere (Missing. Guide to the movies that they don’t show you, 2010, Edizioni Falsopiano). In 2009, she promotes the Mouse d’Oro (Golden Mouse), Online Critics Award at festivals in Venice, Rome, Turin and Courmayeur. For a while she was editor of the weekly magazine Film Tv (TV Movie), being able to finally say, “I’m a film journalist.” But then, she chose the way of video-on-demand, collaborating with Chili, la videoteca online (Chili, the online video store). Fortunately, they also have a Cinema webzine of which she is the chief editor.

Sara Sagrati
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Editor in Chief and Head of the Cinema section:
Writing, Reviews and Press
Organizing Committee:
– Mouse d’Oro, the online critics’ prize
Reviews and sections:
– Cinequanon
– Zero (
– Players Magazine (
– Nocturno (
– Film4Life, section “Cinema a Pixel” (
– Co-editor Dispersi. Guida ai film che non vi fanno vedere (Missing. Guide to the movies that they don’t show you, 2010, Falsopiano)
– Contributor Il film in cui nuoto è una febbre (The film where I swim is a fever, 2012, CaratteriMobili)