Alana the beautiful and her sons





The years went by and Dobun the clever died. After his death, Alana the beautiful, though she had no husband, had three more sons: Buqu-Qatagi, Bugatu-Salji and Bodoncar, the simple-minded.

The eldest sons Belgünötai and Bügünotai, both born from Dobun, started to get suspicious of their mother, Alana the beautiful.: ‘Our mother had three more sons, but there are neither brothers or cousins of our father here and she doesn’t even have a husband. The only man who regularly visits our home is the servant working for the Maalig tribe, called very rich men. Those three sons must surely be his.’
Alana had eventually learned about these secret conversations.

So one day in spring, while she was cooking a ram bred in wintertime, she got her five sons Belgünötai, Bügünotai, Buqu-Qatagi, Buqatu-Salji and Bodoncar the simple-minded  to sit down side by side. She gave to each one a stick of an arrow  and asked them to break it. Everyone managed to do it easily, then Alana gave them five sticks tied together asking them to break them. Each of the sons grasped and crushed them with their hands, but they were not able to break them.
Alana the Beautiful said: “Belgünötai and Bügünotai, you two are my sons but you were condemning me saying: -She gave birth to these three sons but who is their father?- Your suspicions are well-founded.
However, you must know that every night, passing through the hole from which the smoke of jurta comes out, when the moon was hiding, a blond man used to come in, caressed my belly and his light penetrated me. Then, when the moon had gone down and the sun had not yet risen, he moved and pushed his way out scratching like a yellow dog. Why do you speak about nonsense? For those who understand this kind of things it is self-evident that these sons bear the sign of a heavenly seal. How could you jabber about them as if they were lesser mortals? When they will become kings of all kings and they will rule everyone, at that moment only, will common people be able to understand!”
Then, Alana the beautiful urged her sons: “All of you five were born from a unique body, mine, and you are like those five arrows. If each one of you will act and strive only for himself, you will be easily broken by anyone, as it happened to the five sticks. On the other hand, if  you will hang together and get along, just like the arrows tied in one single bunch, you won’t ever be at somebody’s mercy”
Several years went by and their mother Alana the beautiful died.

Translation by Paola Roveda (edited by Sabrina Macchi)

Story taken from Mongol’s Secret Story.