Stephen Byrne – Raise Your Heads


stop looking at the ground
stop glaring at your phones
stop hiding under rocks
stop drowning beneath the sea
stop avoiding the eyes
of someone in need
stop social media lies
stop the bullies who hide
between the tapping
of their laptop keys
stop pretending to care
for a facebook share & stop
stop stop drop some change
here & there

raise your heads
raise your fucking heads high
raise your chins towards the evening sky
without asking why because you know why
raise your heads to the tip of a nuclear warhead
& the men who move it on the chessboard
raise your heads to the child stone dead
buried deep in the rubble of tenements
raise your heads to Gaza, Yemen, Ferguson, Chibok
to Charlottesville & Aleppo, to Chad, Mexico, Sudan
raise your heads to the aftermath of Grenfell Tower
raise your heads to the person with sore feet
two blocks down asking for change
raise your heads to the dying bee
raise your heads to the powers that be
in charge of the world of bigotry
raise your heads to police brutality
raise your heads to a refugee
unwanted unloved in a hateful media sea
raise your heads to that sea
that rising brutal sea
spat forth from the ice of the Arctic belly
raise your fucking heads
raise them high
raise them hard
raise them as closed fists
ready to punch & defend
raise your heads
from the ground people
your heads