Evelina Miteva

Evelina Miteva, known as a critical mind and a specialist for Medieval philosophy, is for me a perceptive friend and a wonderful woman, a lyric poetesse and an audacious writer. A migrant between cultures and languages, she has learned Bulgarian as her native tongue, then Latin, Ancient Greek, English, Italian, German. Everywhere welcome, and everywhere remaining a bit of a stranger; a researcher with a remarkable list of publications, who write what we usually call creative writing in the evening, when her kids go to bed.

In our column we present a story from her first collection of short stories (for unfriendly girls) which is going to be published in Bulgarian by “Scalino” publishing house. Stories, whose protagonist slightly remind of the author herself: without a clear motherland, they don’t have anything else but themselves, and their family; if they happen to have one.

Евелина Митева, позната като критичен ум в България и познавач на средновековната философия на европейската философска сцена, за мен е проницателна приятелка и възхителна жена, лирична поетеса и смела писателка. Мигрант между културите и няколко езика, които ще изредя тук в реда на усвояването им: български, латински, старогръцки, английски, италиански, немски; навсякъде добре приета и донякъде чужденка; изследовател с впечатляващ списък философски публикации, която пише онова, което се нарича художествана литература вечер, когато децата ѝ заспят.

Тук представяме един разказ от дебютната ѝ книга с кратки разкази (за недружелюбни момичета), която подготвяме на български. Книга, в която героините малко напомнят за нея: без лесно установима родина; нямат друго освен собствените си мисли и семейството си, ако изобщо го имат.

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Emilia Mirazchiyska
Emilia Mirazchiyska (1972) lives and works in her hometown Sofia, Bulgaria. She is the editor in-chef of Scalino publishing house which has in its catalogue two anthologies, compiled and edited by her: “Materinità possibili “(Italian edition – October 2011, Bulgarian edition – April 2011, coeditor Rayna Castoldi) and an anthology of short stories “Saluti a Dickens”, 2012. The latter has an English version too – “Greetings to Dickens” (15 Christmas Stories) with authors of eight nationalities: David Albahari (Kossovo, Canada), Iana Boukova (Bulgaria, Grееce), Soledad Cordero (Spain), Denitsa Dilova (Bulgaria), Sara Ferraglia (Italy), Ivan P. Hall (U.S.A.), Noémi Kiss (Hungary), Lyubov Kroneva (Bulgaria), Stoyan Nenov (Bulgaria), Dimitris Nolas (Greece), Gloriana Orlando (Italy), Alessandra Porcu (Italy), Milen Ruskov (Bulgaria), Zsuzsa Takács (Hungary) and Reynol Perez Vazquez (Mexico). She translates poetry from Bulgarian into Italian and from Italian into Bulgarian. Her professional aspirations in translating poetry broaden every month and scope other languages as well.