Mitko Gogov and the Enhalon award

From the first half of September 2018 Inkroci’s rubric “Facing East” will be presenting the translated text and the winning authors of the Enhalon award for young Macedonian poetry – in particular, a poem by a young Macedonian author read at the prestigious Struga Poetry Evenings festival. This prize is one of the awards given at this significant poetry festival that dates back to 1962; the literary event lasts for five days and is held in the town of Struga on Lake Ohrid during the second half of August.

The Enhalon award, reinstated in 2012, aims to support and encourage young Macedonian poets who take part in the festival. It is given for a poem read during the festival programme (including those not yet published). The name of the Enhalon award originates in the ancient Greek name of the town of Struga – Enhalon (which means “eel”) because of the eels that return to the waters of the lake by swimming up the river Tsirni Drim (Black Drim). Actually, the river springs out of the lake itself.

The winning poem at this year’s festival was ‘Just a little prayer’ and was written by the Macedonian poet Mitko Gogov. We offer the translation of the poem to the readers of Inkroci. The English translation has been done by Tom Phillips. The jury points out that “in the living structure of Gogov’s text the significance of each word is equally important and every single thing finds its own place  The lyrical self, starting from his inner world, takes part in the cosmic play where the oneiric and the real are intertwined”.

Mitko Gogov is an entrepreneur, conceptual artist, poet & short stories writer born 1983 in Skopje, Macedonia.
His work has been present and translated in several anthologies, collections and literary and art journals in India, Pakistan, Philippines, USA, China, Russia, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Belorussia, Mexico, Argentina, Check Republic, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Greece and Albania. His first collection Ледена вода [Iced Water] was published in 2011 in Serbia, and in 2014 issued in Macedonia.
Active conceptual artist, he participated in few international group exhibitions and projects in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, France, Norway and Italy with several installations, performances, scenery, short movies and multimedia projects.
President of the Association for cultural development and protection of cultural heritage “Kontext – Strumica”, he is also the organizer of the international movement and festival “100 Thousand poets for change” in Strumica, Macedonia.

Emilia Mirazchiyska
(translated into English by Yuliyana Todorova)

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Emilia Mirazchiyska
Emilia Mirazchiyska (1972) lives and works in her hometown Sofia, Bulgaria. She is the editor in-chef of Scalino publishing house which has in its catalogue two anthologies, compiled and edited by her: “Materinità possibili “(Italian edition – October 2011, Bulgarian edition – April 2011, coeditor Rayna Castoldi) and an anthology of short stories “Saluti a Dickens”, 2012. The latter has an English version too – “Greetings to Dickens” (15 Christmas Stories) with authors of eight nationalities: David Albahari (Kossovo, Canada), Iana Boukova (Bulgaria, Grееce), Soledad Cordero (Spain), Denitsa Dilova (Bulgaria), Sara Ferraglia (Italy), Ivan P. Hall (U.S.A.), Noémi Kiss (Hungary), Lyubov Kroneva (Bulgaria), Stoyan Nenov (Bulgaria), Dimitris Nolas (Greece), Gloriana Orlando (Italy), Alessandra Porcu (Italy), Milen Ruskov (Bulgaria), Zsuzsa Takács (Hungary) and Reynol Perez Vazquez (Mexico). She translates poetry from Bulgarian into Italian and from Italian into Bulgarian. Her professional aspirations in translating poetry broaden every month and scope other languages as well.