Mitko Gogov – [just a little prayer] *


when you’re silent, you say the most,
when you dream, you see the most.

elephants wake to the orchestra inside you
– for the first time the hunters are scared by their own trumpets.

take a look inside yourself while you’re taking care not to tread on the grass.

in the room there’s the smell of all the nights
we failed to create. the stars fell asleep, waiting
on the floor. there are still traces on the stained tiles, insignificance
like a shadow lurking between outlines.

we will go without getting angry
at the flowers to the dance that turned purple to yellow.

in the night fan we missed another prayer.
– mental dust

which in the cosmos plays out the saddest dream.

Translated by Tom Phillips

* poem winner of the Enhalon price 2018


Митко Гогов – [само малку молитва]

кога си тивок тогаш најмногу зборуваш,
кога сонуваш тогаш најмногу гледаш.

се будат слоновите со оркестарoт во тебе
– ловџиите за прв пат се плашат од сопствените труби.

гледај во себе додека внимаваш да не ја настапнеш тревата.

во собата мирисаат сите ноќи
кои не успеавме да ги создадеме. ѕвездите заспаа чекајќи
на подот. по извалканите плочки сѐ уште траги, маленкоста
како сенка се крие помеѓу фугите.

ќе си заминеме без да се лутиме на
цвеќињата, на танцот кој го претворил виолетовото во жолто.

во вентилаторот на ноќта испуштаме уште една молитва
– ментална прашина

што во космосот го игра најтажниот сон.

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Mitko Gogov
Mitko Gogov is an entrepreneur, conceptual artist, poet & short stories writer born 1983 in Skopje, Macedonia. His work has been present and translated in several anthologies, collections and literary and art journals in India, Pakistan, Philippines, USA, China, Russia, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Belorussia, Mexico, Argentina, Check Republic, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Greece and Albania. His first collection Ледена вода [Iced Water] was published in 2011 in Serbia, and in 2014 issued in Macedonia. Active conceptual artist, he participated in few international group exhibitions and projects in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, France, Norway and Italy with several installations, performances, scenery, short movies and multimedia projects. President of the Association for cultural development and protection of cultural heritage “Kontext - Strumica”, he is also the organizer of the international movement and festival “100 Thousand poets for change” in Strumica, Macedonia.