Nenad Joldeski – You

you have pulled every hair from your body
and planted them in dry earth

you tell yourself that one day maybe something will sprout
that it will be as slow and sweet as water grinding rock

while the world passes you by at the speed of light
and yesterday the wind swept away the dead hair you proffered

and tomorrow the earth will be flat and you’ll be the first at its edge
and any old fool will push you out from this cold world

and then finally maybe God will have mercy and kiss you
embrace you and grant you eternal peace in blessed white blindness

whereas here the same bombs will fall and wild devils will ride them
and your sons will be the first victims of the new fire you left

while you naked stiff and holding the world’s urine in a golden womb
will rot in dizzying pirouettes across the dark universe – unable even to repent

The poem “You”, from the unpublished collection with the provisional title ” How you and I fall”, on August 25, 2019, before midnight, won the “Enhalon” award for the best text recited at the Struga Poetry Evenings festival (as part of the “Nights without punctuation”).

Translated by Igor Popovski

Igor Popovski (1989), professor and literary translator. He holds a BA in English and Spanish Philology and an MA in Literature from the Blaze Koneski Faculty of Philology in Skopje. His translations include Mario Vargas Llosa’s “La fiesta del Chivo” and “Elogio de la madrastra”, for which he won the Best Translation Award 2018 by the Macedonian Association of Literary Translators, as well as the English translation of Katica Kulavkova’s “Haiku Elegies”.



ти човеку си ги искубал сите влакна од телото
и во прамени си ги насадил во сува земја

можеби ќе се роди нешто еден ден си велиш
ќе биде тоа бавно и милно како кога вода бруси камен

додека вистински светот покрај тебе врви брзо ко светлина
и ветрот уште вчера ја однесе мртвата коса која му ја принесе

а утре земјата ќе биде рамна и тебе прв ќе те одведат до работ
и првата будала ќе те оттурне надвор од овој свет студен

а тогаш Бог можеби конечно ќе се смилува и ќе те целува
и ќе те прегрне и ќе те смири за вечност со блажено бело слепило

а тука кај нас уште ќе паѓаат истите бомби и диви ѓаволи ќе јаваат врз нив
а синовите твои ќе бидат првите жртви на новиот оган што го остави по тебе

додека ти гол и здрвен и со златна утроба во која се чува мочката на светот
ќе скапуваш во заносни пируети низ темната вселена – немоќен ниту да се покаеш

Песната „Ти“ од необјавената книга со работен наслов „Како паѓаме јас и ти“,на 25 август 2019 година пред полноќ беше наградена со наградата „Енхалон“ за најдобра песна прочитана на фестивалот (Ноќи без интерпункција) на Струшки вечери на поезијата. Целата книга ќе биде објавена догодина.

Nenad Joldeski at the Struga Poetry Evenings
Enhalon Price: letf to right, Todorce Tasevski, Nenad Joldeski and Mitko-Gogov


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Nenad Joldeski
Nenad Joldeski was born in 1986 in Struga, Macedonia. In 2010 he graduated at the state faculty of Economy in Skopje. In 2013 he received master degree in comparative literature on the subject “Intertextual irony in the modern and post-modern short stories.” He is a writer and author of two collections of short stories. His debut book “The silence of Enhalon“ that was written in Macedonian dialect and slang was awarded with the price “Novite“ by the publishing house “Templum“ in 2009. His second book, “Each with their own lake” is published by the same publishing house in 2012. In 2016 the book was awarded with the „European Union Prize for Literature” He is also an editor of collection of short stories dedicated to the Russian emigrant d-r Nikola Nezlobinski titled “Nikolaj (Fiction. Water. Truth.)” For the purposes of the art group Wezdensky – which he was part of – he adapted several screenplays for different amateur theatrical play. He is co-founder of the Initiative for independent cultural activism and one of the organizers of the festival for culture DRIMON, which was established in 2013 and annually held in Struga. His stories are translated into several languages in different magazines, journals and online portals for literature and arts.