Franco Buffoni

Franco Buffoni was born in Gallarate (Lombardy) in 1948. He is a full professor of literary criticism and comparative literature. For 30 years he has taught in the universities of Parma, Bergamo, Milano IULM, Torino, and Cassino. Some of his books of poetry are: “Suora Carmelitana” (Montale Award, Guanda, 1997); “Songs of Spring” (Mondello Award, Marcos y Marcos, 1999); “Il Profilo del Rosa” (Betocchi Award, Mondadori, 2000); “Guerra” (Dedalus Award, Mondadori, 2005); “Noi e loro” (Marino Award, Donzelli, 2008); “Roma” (Giuseppe Giusti Award, Guanda 2009); “Poesie 1975-2012” (Oscar Mondadori, 2012, pp 400); “Jucci” (Castello di Villalta Award, Mondadori 2014). Some parts of these books have been published in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and England. Two full-length collections have appeared in the United States and in France. In 1989 he founded and he is still the editor of the review “Testo a Fronte”, dedicated to the theory and the practice of literary translation (Marcos y Marcos). As a translator he edited “I Poeti Romantici Inglesi”, (Mondadori, 2005). “As an essayist he published Ritmologia” (Marcos y Marcos, 2002), “La traduzione del testo poetico” (Marcos y Marcos, 2005), “Con il testo a fronte. Indagine sul tradurre e l’essere tradotti” (Interlinea, 2007), and “Laico Alfabeto” (Transeuropa, 2010). As a novelist he published “Più luce, padre” (Luca Sossella Editore, 2006), “Zamel” (Marcos y Marcos, 2009), “Il servo di Byron” (Fazi, 2012), “La casa di via Palestro” (Marcos y Marcos, 2014). As a journalist he collaborates with several magazines and radio programs. He lives in Rome.

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Emilia Mirazchiyska
Emilia Mirazchiyska (1972) lives and works in her hometown Sofia, Bulgaria. She is the editor in-chef of Scalino publishing house which has in its catalogue two anthologies, compiled and edited by her: “Materinità possibili “(Italian edition – October 2011, Bulgarian edition – April 2011, coeditor Rayna Castoldi) and an anthology of short stories “Saluti a Dickens”, 2012. The latter has an English version too – “Greetings to Dickens” (15 Christmas Stories) with authors of eight nationalities: David Albahari (Kossovo, Canada), Iana Boukova (Bulgaria, Grееce), Soledad Cordero (Spain), Denitsa Dilova (Bulgaria), Sara Ferraglia (Italy), Ivan P. Hall (U.S.A.), Noémi Kiss (Hungary), Lyubov Kroneva (Bulgaria), Stoyan Nenov (Bulgaria), Dimitris Nolas (Greece), Gloriana Orlando (Italy), Alessandra Porcu (Italy), Milen Ruskov (Bulgaria), Zsuzsa Takács (Hungary) and Reynol Perez Vazquez (Mexico). She translates poetry from Bulgarian into Italian and from Italian into Bulgarian. Her professional aspirations in translating poetry broaden every month and scope other languages as well.