Moulinath Goswami – The Way We Speak

I’ll kill you – a person once said
half the audience laughed
and half paled in fear

I pivotted my head along my nape
and nodded sideways –
to the left, to the right… I kept on doing
half thought it was denial
half took it for an approval

and I thought what language was all about!
The way we speak
with words, without words
we end up in different ports
though we all start from the same embryonic inception

no matter where we go
armed with words, or without words
emptiness is a ruthless orator
an empty plate always means the same
with no room for translation
hunger is the mother tongue of us all…

Poem selected by Emilia Mirazchiyska, series’ editor.

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Moulinath Goswami
Born in Asansol, West Bengal, India, Moulinath Goswami writes poetry in Bengali, his mother tongue, as well as in English. Writing is his escape, his meditation. Though primarily a poet, he writes prose as well and does translations in Bengali and English. He writes regularly for the prominent magazines and periodicals of West Bengal, like “Monon”, “Sahitya Srijoni”, “Katha”, “Kalimati Online”, “Mangrove” (Bangladesh), “Mon o Mousumi” (Mumbai), “Kaler Kantho” (Bangladesh), “Parampara” ( West Bengal), “Dainik Ittefaq” (Bangladesh), “Swinhoe Street”, etc. His first collection of poems ‘Dayal’ has been published from Prativas in the International Kolkata Book Fair, 2020. His second collection of poems ‘Kuashar Tukrora’ has been published from Mississippir Megh in February, 2021. His third book, ‘Memoir of a Girl’, compilation of English translations of Bengali poems of Jhelum Tribedi has just been published in June, 2021 by Ink Links from Kashmir. He has participated in the Multi-lingual Writers’ Meet organized by Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal in Februray 2020, as an invitee for prose reading session in Bangla. Winner of “The New Normal: A Poetry Competition on Changing Times” held by Oxford Bookstores, Poetry Paradigm and Excellor Books, in Bengali poetry category.