Silvia Accorrà – Nuclear Red

40 surprising passages for a long-lasting anthology

Forty short stories that all together make up a composite mosaic which attempts to show us the truth that is hidden behind appearances, sometimes behind the story itself; and that truth is often an amazing knockout.

Silvia Accorrà likes to move through striking passages; it’s almost always a “coup de théatre” that solves the events and the stories themselves. Not only do those unexpected events, most of them very striking, cause surprise, but they are really true revelations, changes of perspective that modify, in an unexpected and radical way, the meaning of previous events. The author is interested in revealing reality through its extreme turns of events, and, in longer stories, she manages to unveil them in succession as if she nearly wanted to underline that truth is an attainment, something we have to fight for.

Silvia Accorrà likes to be “the” flash which lights up the darkest gorges, to which no glance has ever been directed before, in order to show neglected corners of reality by revealing them in their true light or in the light they could have. The author moves within the world recesses, those we usually neglect and which are emblematic of the way we don’t observe, too careless to realize that the sense lodges in little things at the edges of our glance.
Using a language which is borderline between prose and poetry, the Milan-born writer employs a style underlining the oxymoron between everyday expressions and a very sophisticated prose: one which is cultivated, insinuating and generously allusive. A way of writing which is able to animate objects and to give voice to flora and fauna.

These stories are not to be read in one go but to be savoured one by one, though they are thought as a harmonious and clear whole.  When closing the book, we realize that Silvia Accorrà is one of the most original storytellers of our times and that “Rosso Nucleare” is a long-lasting anthology.

Translation by Paola Roveda (edited by Sabrina Macchi)

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Heiko H. Caimi
Author and screenwriter, he has been teaching Creative Writing since 1999. He collaborated with the Publisher Tranchida from 2007 to 2009 as a teacher at Forrester School, as a member of the management board and as an editor of the editorial board, as well as an author of the on-line magazines "Gluck59" and "Teneke". He has worked as a writer of short stories with Mondadori and GVE publishers and publishes short stories, articles, reviews and poems with various on-line magazines. He participated as a poet in the VII Annual Carovana dei Versi (Caravan of Verses) in 2012-2013, and some of his works have been be published in 2013 in an anthology by the publishing house Abrigliasciolta of Varese. He has taught courses on writing and screenwriting at the Egea Bookstore of Bocconi University in Milan, at I.I.S. A.Lunardi in Brescia in several libraries and associations in the district of Brescia and in some Swiss schools. A film for which he wrote the screenplay has been optioned twice. He worked as a writer in an international production ("Haiti Voodoo", 2011). A long time ago he played in several bands and collaborated on several short films. He currently lives and works in Brescia. Since 2002 he has been Chairman of Magnoliaitalia, and since 2013 he has been teacher and Conductor at the Writing Parlour in Brescia, a professional school for writers.