Danilo Arona – The Station of the Sound God

Darkness will submerge you

From a not very original start (a circle of elderly meets to tell improvised horror stories, topped by the reworking of a local legend), we move quickly to a more organic narration, where fantasies materialize, and events, in step with the times, happen with continuous twists and reversals, focusing on the adventures of the beautiful and impossible Marisol, on the demons summoned in the raves, and shady collectors of tattooed butterflies. Not to mention the geographical points, the so-called “dragon’s back”, in which unforeseen accidents can occur, and in which space will bend to the whims of a dark and unfathomable sea. Among myths and mythologies, this is an original novel that shows, as only flaw, the lack of a proofreader (it is the curse of all recent publishing).

Translation by Silvia Accorrà (edited by Ester Tossi)