Erri de Luca – In the name of the mother

We are all Miriàm

“In the name of the father”: marks the beginning of the sign of the cross whereas In the name of the mother marks the beginning of life: with these words Erri de Luca introduces a text steeped in poetry full of soil and wind, yet never refined high-sounding, but almost smelling of dates and salt.
We all know the Blessed Virgin’s story and the Annunciation, the story of Joseph and the Holy Child born in a stable: the author makes us listen to the story by giving voice to Miriam/Mary’s thoughts with delicate skill.
The mother’s voice is far from any rhetorical politics, religion and law rhetoric; it testifies the exclusive relationship with her son, and she wants to protect him from the terrible mission that she senses he may have behind the  as suggested by the Annunciation. No mother wants her child to bear the cross for. Every mother celebrates life’s miracle that is always a surprise and that is over there where represents the indivisible union of the spirit and the flesh. meet each other giving substance to an indivisible unity.
This is a deep and lyrical book; essential and true at the same time.

Translation by Paola Roveda (edited by Sabrina Macchi)