Marco Vichi – Death in Florence


To Die of boredom in Florence

In “Death in Florence” by Marco Vichi it is clear from the very beginning that the investigation conducted by the disheartened and tired Police Commissioner, Bordelli, will not be a successful one. The events lead unsurprisingly to its resolution, but not to the catharsis of justice. Evil is banal, and this novel proves it. The credibility of the characters is not enough to make it enjoyable: you often get the impression that you are reading the same page. In the middle of the story, the Arno bursts its banks and on to the pages. The telling of those dramatic days is a long and successful parenthesis, but it does interrupt the process of the investigation. Once the flood is over, we sink back into boredom.

Translation by Clara Arosio (edited by Ester Tossi)