Guido Morselli – Dissipatio H.G.


Solitude’s immensity

The entire human race dissolved. There’s nobody left but the protagonist: ironically, he had planned his own suicide the same night that a thunder caused all his fellows’disappearance. With masterful skills Morselli writes a sharp, ironic and philosophical monologue, portraying an original survivor’s figure. Using delicate brush strokes, the reader experiences every possible reaction to the immense solitude, investigating the fate of those who vanished and theprotagonist’s past life. A challenging book, because of the unique plot and the author’s complex language, that combines ontological concepts and human needs. An intellectual, and yet very emotional, tragic riddle, that invites the reader to gather scattered clues in a desolate world, in order to discover a surprising truth.

Translation by Silvia Littardi (supervised by Sara Di Girolamo)