Erri de Luca – The Sky in a Stall

Like a verdict

«In his generation debacle there was a powerfuljustice hand, in the scourge there was a judgement to read. They were defeat to expiate their own carelessness.»
Alpini second lieutenant Aldo De Luca, he’s stationed in Albania, he leaves for an unpleasant furlough: his own home collapsed under August 1943 bombings.  His only estate doesn’t exist anymore. But is it really a misfortune?
In this minimal (but not minimalist) novel, Erri de Luca traces the summary of an experience, his father’s one, at the end of the Second World War. A bitter portrait, nevertheless filled with hope with characters who, in their simple humanity, remain impressed in the reader’s memory.
De Luca remains unique even in short novels.

Translation edited by Davide Spagnoli