Giorgio Scerbanenco – Europe, a Lot of Love


What happens when your dad sends you home alone?

Is a chaffeur not exactly a gentlemen? With a wack of a handbag the good-for-nothing is sorted for life. In Europe, a lot of love by Giorgio Scerbanenco, two young ladies, who as luck would have it find themselves without a passport, run away and are chased both by police officers and by thieves in a crescendo of dramatic events.
The immediate style and light-hearted tone of the book do not conceal the tragedy of a continent separated by the Berlin Wall: history, with a capital H, the History that claims victims, only just touches the two women. They won’t get seriously hurt. It’s as well for them, and for us too, as we enjoy a good book and don’t need passports in Europe anymore.

Translation by Clara Arosio (edited by Ester Tossi)