Fabri Fiacca and Denis Venturi – Stories of extraordinary laziness

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Fabri Fiacca and Denis Venturi create twelve novels halfway between genres and selecting surreal registers.
Reality is presented through paradoxical and grotesque tones, making use of allegories which show the misery of life. The two authors from Brescia, disrespectful and sharp, often blasphemous, set up excrescences of brutalized reality, with irony and creating extraordinary novels out of common situations. They managed to amuse the reader but at the same time they force him to meditate.

Too bad that the worst novels, or rather two too long jokes, are at the entrée of the anthology. The reading, anyway, is immediately cheered up with “The nest”, one of the best stories, and the self-mockery climax continues through “The lengthening broth” and “Quiz”. “The unquiet” brings some disturb while the longest novel, “Veganapocalypse”, even if it reminds of “They live” and “Invasion of body snatchers” movies, it succeeds in being biting and merciless in its representation of humanity’s final destiny.
Mauru Grafix’s 8 bit illustrations give value to the volume. Claudio Rivetti in 2017 took inspiration from “The Salesman” for his short movie.
A surprising anthology by two authors to keep monitored.

Translation edited by Davide Spagnoli