Lisa Biggi – Firemen don’t come out for women in tears


These nine short stories by Lisa Biggi unfold in a time suspended between the expectations of our existence and the disillusionments of the present, accompanied by Letizia Lancone’s magnificent illustrations. Using different narrative registers tailored to the various characters the author describes, through irony or pure representation, an everyday life that lays bare the flimsiness of lives devoted to an obstinate assertion of hopes denied: in the attempt to convert them into action but in the even greater cowardice of inaction, showing just how inane this futility is. And witnessing the cosmic emptiness of these existences, as clear to the readers as it is invisible to the characters, gives us a distressing portrait of Milan and of the life of which we are survivors, despite the light tone employed. Not coincidentally “Axe blows” is the name of the collection in which this anthology is published.

Translation by Clara Arosio (edited by Roma O’Flaherty)