Daniel Glattauer – Forever Yours

The Cage of Love

Judith is a strong, independent, and self-satisfied woman in her thirties: she certainly doesn’t want or wait for prince charming. But maybe that’s the reason why she’s pleasantly flattered when Hans, a successful architect, is struck by her beauty. A respectful suitor and an impeccable guest, Hans at first seduces Judith’s friends and family, adoring her and filling her daily routine with cares. Can other people’s love turn into a burden and a suffocating cage? Can afairy tale really turn into a nightmare? An intriguing and captivating book, especially successful in the protagonist’s characterization and the lucid analysis of her slow descent into madness. Daniel Glattauer cannot claim a crystalline prose, but he writes about love with originality and precision, two extremely rare qualities in the contemporary scene.

Translation by Silvia Littardi (edited by Sara Di Girolamo)

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Silvia Littardi
Silvia Littardi never listens to common sense in taking her choices. That’s why she enrolled in Modern Literature. She got a nice bachelor’s degree and then a beautiful master’s degree in literature, theater and movie arts. All in all, she spent a quarter of a century studying, reading books and comics and watching all the movies she could. To cut a long story short, she hasn't done anything good yet, but she's happy all the same, because she was so lucky to do only what she liked to. Now the poor simple girl hopes to continue like this for all her life. Perhaps she might well come to her senses again, and begin to face the hard reality, but whenever she loses her faith the human beings surprise her with kind and unexpected answers. So she begins to write again.