Giovanni Arpino – The Shadow of the Hills

Time for memories

Winner of the Strega Award in 1964 with The Shadow of the Hills (L’ombra delle Colline), Arpino needs no introduction. His novel is the narrative of a journey that follows two paths, in the past and in the present, in search of the people and the events of memory.

The author moves gently between anguished descriptions, lyricism, and bare everyday moments that remind the style of Antonioni: every turn brings about an emotion, a sense of surprise, but also a soft settling in the context of things. None of these episodes could have been told differently.

It is a memorable novel because of its air of tiredness, great intensity and release, love, extraordinary emotion, and yearning. Memories cannot be allowed to go – ever – and despite their amount of suffering, we rediscover in these pages a secret good that remains hidden every day, and, at last, a very human quest for peace.

Translation edited by Camilla Girardi