Héctor Oesterheld, Alberto Breccia – Men with Lead Eyes


Indelible light and shade

Oesterheld wrote for Breccia a mysterious and harrowing story with a rapid, Kafkaesque pace. It is perfect for the unique images of the Uruguayan artist: it represents an evolution towards the quality suggested by Hugo Pratt, who considered as shit the stories that Pratt had illustrated until then. The result is extraordinary, with surreal atmospheres that are still perfectly believable and fascinating drawings with light and shade effects to enjoy in every plate. Having carefully read the book, it is clear that the rebellious metaphors that caused the disappearance of the Argentinian author after his masterpiece, El Eternauta, are already present. They show an alarming correlation with the actuality of his time, and they are underlined by Breccia’s unique style.

The short story entitled La nave degli schiavi (The slave ship), in the appendix, is just as wonderful: it can convey an efficient view on slavery thanks to the perfect punch line.
When two great masters meet, the result can only be (indelible) sparks.



Translation by Camilla Girardi

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Heiko H. Caimi
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