Jean-Claude Izzo – Total Chaos

An unforgettable chaos

Fabio Montale is definitely an unusual cop: thanks to the errors of his youth, he now has a deep knowledge of the evil that lurks in Marseille. He decided long ago to serve justice, but on his own terms. When a complicated intrigue leads him to avenge his two childhood friends and to meet again Lole, the woman loved by all the three of them, he will have to face the past and the present chaos of the beautiful and tormented city.
As suggested by the title, the plot turns out to be intricate and chaotic, but between a glimpse of Marseille streets and a Provencal recipe, rigorously preceded by a good glass of pastis, the book draws the reader relentlessly to the end. An unusual thriller, which will capture the reader’s attention: the intrigue might not be so memorable, but Izzo’s unique style makes the protagonist, the setting and the subject matter unforgettable.

Translation by Silvia Littardi (edited by Irene Tossi)

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Silvia Littardi
Silvia Littardi never listens to common sense in taking her choices. That’s why she enrolled in Modern Literature. She got a nice bachelor’s degree and then a beautiful master’s degree in literature, theater and movie arts. All in all, she spent a quarter of a century studying, reading books and comics and watching all the movies she could. To cut a long story short, she hasn't done anything good yet, but she's happy all the same, because she was so lucky to do only what she liked to. Now the poor simple girl hopes to continue like this for all her life. Perhaps she might well come to her senses again, and begin to face the hard reality, but whenever she loses her faith the human beings surprise her with kind and unexpected answers. So she begins to write again.