Lucille Fletcher – The Girl In Cabin B54

High Anxiety Mysteries

A ship’s doctor thinks he has permanently buried his past but a creepy young lady, who apparently is also a gifted psychic, is going to push to the brink of madness.
The story develops as a breathless noir, set in a supernatural environment with an unpredictable ending.
Lucille Fletcher is a master when it comes to create the right atmosphere; in this book she always hits the nail on the head, building the climax page by page, in a way that pushes the reader to keep on reading and never stop.
The characters are believable and endearing and the constant strain of worrying, wondering and waiting for the end to come, is closer to the atmosphere of a high lever thriller – Patricia Highsmith could have not done a better job.

Translation by Francesca Febbrari (edited by Sabrina Macchi)

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Heiko H. Caimi
Heiko H. Caimi, born in 1968, is a writer, screenwriter, poet and teacher of fiction writing. He has collaborated as an author with publishers Mondadori, Tranchida, Abrigliasciolta and others. He has taught at the Egea bookshop of Bocconi University in Milan and several other schools, libraries and associations in Italy and Switzerland. Since 2013 he has been editorial director of the literature magazine Inkroci. He is one of the founders and organizers of the traveling literary festival Libri in Movimento. He collaborates with the news magazine "InPrimis" keeping the column "Pages in a minute" and with the blog of the writer Barbara Garlaschelli "Sdiario". He published the novel "I predestinati" (The Predestined, Prospero, 2019) and edited the anthology of short stories "Oltre il confine. Storie di migrazione" (Over the border. Migration stories, Prospero, 2019).