Mauro Covacich – The Bride

Seventeen stories of admirable normality

This collection of seventeen stories features, among them, attacks perpetrated by an ordinary family man with a passion for explosives; two strangers waiting their turn to shoot during a human safari; a young priest, unaware of his future as a prelate, in a sorrowful duel with desire; the disgraces of  a transplanted heart racing towards a second life chance; a man determined to share his house with a herd of wolves; an artist dressed like a bride hitch-hiking across Europe. Those are real facts which turn into stunning fantasies and autobiographical divulgations, much like playing in the park with one’s grandchildren, in order to reveal the sterility of a generation that has put its personal ambitions above everything and everyone.

These stories are full of admirable normality which overflow with a burning love towards life, that sprung from the corners of an extraordinary and phenomenal everyday life.

Covacich’s calculated and blunt style shines in his writing and his tone contrasts with the squalor, on the background of our adrift country where the idea of becoming parents terrorizes us.

The bride is an uninterrupted flux of thoughts about the present. A gaze which has always characterized Mauro Covacich’s writing. As the mind begins to travel at the end of each story we would need to be extremely strong to ignore it.

Translation by Francesca Pietroboni (edited by Sabrina Macchi)

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Giorgio Olivari
Giorgio Olivari was born in Brescia in the last century. He has been a professional in the field of industrial design for more than thirty years. After the first forty years as a reader he discovered writing by chance: a life’s joke. His forever partner enrolls him in a creative writing course: maybe for fun, more likely to get rid of him. A spark that, once lit, does not go out but becomes a narrative, stories, thoughts; some of which published by BESA in “Pretesti Sensibili - Sensitive Excuses” (2008). His first collection of short stories, “Futili Emotivi- Futile Emotions”, was published by Carta & Penna Editore in 2010. His passion for literature led him to “infect” other readers by coordinating reading groups: “Arcobaleno” in Paderno Franciacorta, “Chiare Lettere” in Nave. He actively collaborates with the literary magazine Inkroci with reviews and stories.