Isaac Asimov – Murder at the ABA


Mystery Writers

The LXV American Booksellers annual meeting appears to be less quiet and tedious than expected for Darius Just, a brilliant writer loved by the critic but little known by the public. As if the publishing world’s petty intrigues and economic problems wouldn’t be enough to ruin the day, fate forces him to discover the body of a colleague in one of the grand hotel rooms where the conference takes place.
A carousel of unforgettable characters, including Asimov himself (brilliant summary of irony), for a catching and original story. Not only presents with amusement all the different types of writers, publishers and booksellers that you may encounter in just four days, the book also offers a well-written mystery, that captures the reader and drags him even too quickly to the last page.

Translation edited by Sara Di Girolamo

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Silvia Littardi
Silvia Littardi never listens to common sense in taking her choices. That’s why she enrolled in Modern Literature. She got a nice bachelor’s degree and then a beautiful master’s degree in literature, theater and movie arts. All in all, she spent a quarter of a century studying, reading books and comics and watching all the movies she could. To cut a long story short, she hasn't done anything good yet, but she's happy all the same, because she was so lucky to do only what she liked to. Now the poor simple girl hopes to continue like this for all her life. Perhaps she might well come to her senses again, and begin to face the hard reality, but whenever she loses her faith the human beings surprise her with kind and unexpected answers. So she begins to write again.