VVAA – My Favourite Year

Championships to remember

Every football-fan has a season that changed, definitively, his relationship with the team he carries in his heart: it’s the favourite, unforgettable year, but not necessarily the winning one.
In this collection, several British and Irish writers, such as Nick Hornby and Roddy Doyle, share their favourite years, recalling not only the big teams’ unforgettable seasons and National championships, but also the small teams they loved in their young years, when they wrote letters to their heroes or turned each and every away game in a great adventure, facing long journeys and aggressive hooligans.
Relating every report with nostalgic memories, the writers mix storytelling and considerations, disclosing their affection for a long-gone time and the disenchantment resulting from the clash between memories and present reality.
All the stories are filled with typical British humour, funny and lovely to read, so they can even be appreciated by readers who don’t particularly like football, and will certainly intrigue football-lovers.

Translation by Sara Di Girolamo