Nicoletta Vallorani – Wolf Eyes

A Parable against prejudices

The young Inuit Azùl wants to avenge the death of a friend killed by the Motherless, fierce and mysterious beings who live beyond the borders of the community and who can turn into werewolves. On her way she will meet the enigmatic Dariel, whose personality escapes her: is he a friend or an enemy, a wise man or a fool, a Motherless or a human being?

A parable about life and knowledge, this fairy tale by Nicoletta Vallorani, fluent and captivating, leads us to reflect on prejudices, fears, superstitions and their consequences, but also on the importance and power of those relationships based on authenticity.
In a few pages, the author from the Marche Region opens her eyes to the world through a priceless initiation journey. Commendable.

Translation by Silvia Accorrà