Alessandro Abbate – Paradoxes of writing and other stories

Paradoxes of existence

The twenty-eight stories in this collection by Alessandro Abbate are different in subject, atmosphere, and nomenclature, with a preference for historical and fantasy backgrounds that recall Borges and Buzzati.
The author’s look on reality is only apparently dazed: the main characters’ imperfect lives are challenged by often surreal and unusual events.
With an erudite style and attention to linguistic research, the author skillfully plays with the situations, inspecting human nature through deforming mirrors reflecting its essence. Results are uncertain, yet fascinating and interesting.
We recommend three stories we believe are the best ones, starting with the story the title comes from, Paradoxes of Writing, which is a brilliant play Borges-like; Ciuta’s Tear, an original biography of Giotto, showing the artist’s detachment through a poetical and moving perspective; and Solidarity’s Death, which is a disturbing and current dystopia.
This is a touching book, lead by a love for paradox, as we can grasp from the title.

Translation by Sara Di Girolamo