Philip Roth – The Dying Animal

More alive than ever!

The story is set last century’s sixties, in the middle of the American sexual revolution. David Kepesh, an ageing university professor, is fascinated by the female world to the point of fall-ing head over heels in love with a beautiful Cuban girl who will dramatically and unexpected-ly upset his life.
At first, the obsession with sex is apparently used to investigate the themes of death and old age: painful reflections on the passing of time where the protagonists, dotted with a rare preci-sion, are surrounded by equally fascinating secondary characters.
Roth’s writing is raw and masterful, and addresses the reader with an informal approach, al-most giving him/her the feeling of a physical contact with the narrated events. The characters’ sore physicality gives us a perfect reading of the passing of life, and of the infinite distance between youth and old age. Small gems from a great writer.

Translation by Silvia Accorrà (edited by Sabrina Macchi)

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Giorgio Olivari
Giorgio Olivari was born in Brescia in the last century. He has been a professional in the field of industrial design for more than thirty years. After the first forty years as a reader he discovered writing by chance: a life’s joke. His forever partner enrolls him in a creative writing course: maybe for fun, more likely to get rid of him. A spark that, once lit, does not go out but becomes a narrative, stories, thoughts; some of which published by BESA in “Pretesti Sensibili - Sensitive Excuses” (2008). His first collection of short stories, “Futili Emotivi- Futile Emotions”, was published by Carta & Penna Editore in 2010. His passion for literature led him to “infect” other readers by coordinating reading groups: “Arcobaleno” in Paderno Franciacorta, “Chiare Lettere” in Nave. He actively collaborates with the literary magazine Inkroci with reviews and stories.