Barbara Garlaschelli – Sisters


Love kills

Amelia and Virginia are two sisters living isolated from the rest of the world. Amelia is determined and dominant, Virginia is submissive and romantic. A mysterious tragedy has tightly bound them together in the past, forging them into a relationship of mutual dependence. The arrival of Dario, a canvasser who takes advantage of his charm to convince them to financially support him, will cause distress within the unstable balance of their relationship – and it will also force them to come to terms with their past.
Written in a light style, Sisters is a tensed, small-town noir novel in which the mystery is solved little by little along with the unravelling of the protagonists’ personalities. Revelations are instilled through a series of anticipations and flashbacks until the shocking epilogue. Barbara Garlaschelli manages to use the genre’s cliches with outstanding ease, and builds up a predictable tragedy through impalpable allusions and a deliberately crystal-clear and sensible style. A chilling and dramatic psychological portrait which is difficult to forget.

Translation by Stefano Bragato (edited by Sabrina Macchi)