Gordiano Lupi – Soccer and steel. Forget Piombino


A nostalgia with no compromise

Giovanni, a football player from Piombino who conquered A series, goes back to his hometownto train the local team, who’s failingthe lower Division championship, and he will have to face a present that apparently has no probable future. The very symbol of this time is the devastated Magona stadium, an historic iron factory now converted, even in its name.
The story of the protagonist winds through old glories and the economic crisis, with the need to come to terms with his past. An evaluation that will prove itself not to be entirely negative, thanks to the peace of mind achieved by Giovanni, finally able to live with his memories without shutting himself into regret.
The Author describes incisively the bittersweet atmosphere reigning in these pages, with a style and atmosphere that remindTwentieth Century’s authors as Cassola and Bianciardi.
A small-town story, unlike those published lately, where social aspects are presented with the conscious quietness of life experience.
Gordiano Lupi proves to be, once again, a blue ribbon narrator, and gives us one of the best Italian novels of the last decade.
Valuable photographs by Riccardo Lupi, the author’s brother, make the book unique.

Translation by Silvia Accorrà (edited by Sara Di Girolamo)