Stefano Tevini – Recap of previous episodes

Photographs from the future

The world is rotten. It is dominated by multinationals, corporations and media. But not every media: literature is banned, art and music are illegal. Life is dominated by the feelings of hatred and rivalry between individuals who no longer count for nothing. Everyday life is full of violence and oppression, often committed in front of “consenting cameras”. Normality, as we understand it, is a distant memory, and humanity is at its end. Yet it is simply a “Recap of previous episodes”: in the future presented by Stefano Tevini in these twenty-three very dark stories, the postulates of our present, the logic to which we are subjecting our minds and hearts transforming them into our routine, are simply taken to their extreme consequences. Tomorrow we could wake up in a world that is much worse than the one outlined in these pages, and the stories we just read could simply be the chronicles of what brought us to that point: a recap, in fact.

A dystopian anthology dominated by a system ruled by entropy, with instantaneous and more articulated stories, which sends shivers down our spines and should make us reflect on the consequences of our actions (or of our lack of action). Written with a smooth and flowing style, the heterogeneous situations described by Tevini become photographs of our indifference, our insensitivity and of the fear and cowardice that we allow to take control. Together, these stories create something similar to a novel about the future that we are building for ourselves.

Translation edited by Camilla Girardi